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Hyper Island motion design program 2021-23 

Throughout my time at Hyper, my goal has been to enhance my skills and secure a suitable job in the motion industry after I graduate. In this critical reflection, I will discuss how, why, and what I have learned, generalised, and applied to my individual growth in order to achieve this objective.


During my time here at Hyper, I had the valuable opportunity to identify my weaknesses and concentrate on areas that required improvement. Engaging in introspection and reflection allowed me to delve into the core of my shortcomings and gain a better understanding of myself. Hyper's emphasis on reflection greatly aided this process and led me to pinpoint my major areas for development.

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I concluded that the following skills required improvement:

  1. Project planning, structure, and self-leadership

  2. Experience

  3. Hard skills

  4. Artstyle and Animation

  5. Faster AE techniques and limitations

After narrowing down my weaknesses, I began actively working on enhancing these areas. I made effective use of Hyper's resources, including lessons and feedback sessions, to facilitate my growth. Additionally, I conducted personal research to stay updated on industry trends and learn new tricks.

In terms of project planning, structure, and self-leadership, I have long struggled

with disorganisation and a lack of structure in both project production and my daily

life. Recognizing that the root cause was not knowing when and where to start, I focused on self-leadership by taking responsibility for my work and understanding its impact. This allowed me to commence tasks more efficiently. To address this challenge, I adopted a method of structuring my work and preparing every aspect of it by creating schedules and task lists on a whiteboard. This helped me gain clarity on what to do and where to begin. I am driven to showcase my best work as my end goal is to utilise the products in my portfolio to secure a job.

One challenge I faced was managing time constraints and finding efficient ways to work in Adobe After Effects. To address this, I implemented two strategies. Firstly, I learned to limit my work to the given timeframe, investing an appropriate amount of effort without overworking to compensate for skill or time deficiencies. Secondly, I sought quicker and more efficient ways of working. This included learning faster techniques, utilising plugins, understanding collaboration between different tools, and adapting to the right tool for the task at hand. By streamlining my workflow and finding efficient creation methods, I optimised productivity.

Regarding experience, I explored the job requirements in my field and discovered that many positions emphasise client experience and teamwork. At Hyper, I had the opportunity to gain this experience through group tasks, client work, and ultimately, an internship. I learned about the different stages of group behaviour development and recognized that team conflicts are natural during this process. Understanding why a group acts in a certain way and knowing how to move past conflicts are crucial skills. Additionally, I gained insight into aligning with client expectations and requirements, which helped me understand task expectations and establish appropriate client involvement.

In terms of artstyle and animation, Hyper provided tasks related to these topics to enhance my skills. Feedback sessions at the conclusion of these tasks, along with the option to request individual feedback from teachers, proved immensely valuable. I focused on specialising in 2D animation and honing the artstyle that interested me the most. To determine my preferred style, I analysed motion design tools, techniques, and trends. This involved attending classes, taking LinkedIn courses, conducting social media research, and staying informed about industry practices. I can demonstrate my learning through the implementation of these acquired skills in my work.

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Addressing any remaining challenges or areas for further growth, I acknowledge that there are still aspects I find difficult and skills I would like to develop further. One ongoing challenge is effectively managing and prioritising multiple projects simultaneously. While I have made progress in project planning and self-leadership, there is room for improvement in balancing competing demands and optimising time allocation across different tasks. Enhancing my ability to handle complex project workflows and effectively manage time will be a crucial area for future growth.

Additionally, I aspire to deepen my understanding of advanced animation techniques and explore different art styles to expand my creative repertoire. While I have made strides in 2D animation and honing my preferred artstyle, there is always more to learn and experiment with. I aim to push the boundaries of my artistic abilities, explore new techniques, and stay updated with the latest trends in the motion industry.


In terms of technical skills, I still encounter challenges when it comes to working with certain limitations and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved within the constraints of software and hardware. I aspire to gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities and limitations of motion design tools, including Adobe After Effects, and explore alternative tools that can enhance my workflow and expand my creative possibilities.

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Skärmbild 2023-05-21 233016.png

To continue my learning journey and address these challenges, I have outlined a few key steps I intend to take in the future. First and foremost, I will actively seek opportunities for practical application and hands-on experience. This includes taking on freelance projects, participating in industry competitions, and collaborating with other talented professionals to gain exposure to different project scenarios and further refine my skills.

Additionally, I plan to engage in continuous professional development by attending relevant workshops, conferences, and online courses. This will enable me to stay up to date with the latest advancements in motion design, learn from industry experts, and expand my knowledge base.

Furthermore, seeking feedback from mentors, peers, and industry professionals will remain an integral part of my growth. Constructive critique and guidance from experienced individuals can provide invaluable insights and help me identify blind spots or areas that require improvement.


Lastly, I aim to build a strong network within the motion industry by actively participating in relevant communities, joining professional associations, and connecting with like-minded individuals. Collaboration and knowledge sharing within the industry will not only facilitate continuous learning but also open doors to new opportunities and partnerships.

By addressing these challenges head-on, seeking continuous improvement, and staying committed to lifelong learning, I am confident that I will continue to grow both personally and professionally in the field of motion design. My journey does not end here at Hyper; it is just the beginning of a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, skill refinement, and creative excellence.

Before Hyper
After Hyper

In conclusion, my time at Hyper has allowed me to critically reflect upon my individual learnings and apply them to my growth. I have addressed weaknesses in project planning, structure, self-leadership, experience, artstyle, animation, and AE techniques. By utilising Hyper's resources, conducting personal research, and engaging in self-reflection, I have made substantial progress in these areas. I am confident that these learnings and improvements will contribute significantly to achieving my goal of securing a job in the motion industry upon graduation.

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